Job Title: Electrical Engineer (January 9th 2019)

Job Duties: Blue Sages house electrical engineer will move from project to project, helping when needed so they must be able to get up to speed quickly on different projects with different skills. Specifically, the job duties will be the following:
   • Understand the testing effort by analyzing the requirements of project, including medical device project requirement specifications
   • Define test cases from the requirements, develop automated test scripts and run the test scripts on the intended firmware
   • Debug test scripts as needed
   • Arrange Hardware and software environment to enable testing
   • Document and implement all processes for testing as per standards

Job Requirements:
1) B.S. or higher, or foreign equivalent in Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field;
2) Six months relevant experience (either commercial or academic) as an Electrical Engineer, Software Quality Assurance Engineer,
   Embedded Systems Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineering Intern, Research Asst, or closely related position, including experience in the following:
   a.	Embedded software experience;
   b.	Developing MATLAB simulation models for digital signal processing;
   c.	Research experience in Software Development using object-oriented design for cyber-physical systems (embedded systems);
   d.	Ptolemy II (software) experience to simulate a cyber physical system;
   e.	Hardware design and signal processing.
3) All experience may be gained concurrently, before or after the degree earned.

Occasional travel to customer sites within the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
Location: Blue Sages HQ: 3242 Rice Street, St Paul, MN 55126
This position qualifies under Blue Sages Employee Referral Program.

To apply: Please send resume and cover letter to Rachel Patterson-Hanson at: