Managing is like holding a dove in your hand. Squeeze too hard and you kill it, not hard enough and it flies away. Tommy Lasorda

Managing software development is difficult. Managing Agile software development is impossible. That is, unless you have the tools.

As Tommy Lasorda noted, management is the fine art of holding on — but not too tight. Our experience in software development prompted us to systemize that knowledge. Through years of experience we learned there is a fine balance between development and testing activities. Begin developing tests too early and your requirements aren’t baked. Begin test development too late and you may have to start over due to requirements that were not documented or weren’t clear.

After many man years of effort, we have been able to quantify and systemize this process. The result is a functionality that provides you the management gas pedal and brakes to ensure your team stays together and identifies quality trends while they are small. Utilizing the Blue Sages Software Development Management Toolset allows you to see your program come together module by module. Further, you are able to trend productivity by staff member and team and use this information for future predictions of team performance.

Are you sure? Whether it’s a breakthrough medical device, a life critical aviation control system or the manufacturing system that produces them, it is vital to be sure everything works as designed. Certainty is a daunting challenge, and that is why leading companies and innovators hire Blue Sages. Because they know if they want to be sure the end result is right, they need to get it right from the beginning.

Blue Sages allows you to be sure. Throughout the product development process, Blue Sages produces the results and answers the questions that erase any doubt. For more than eight years Blue Sages has worked with the world’s best and most admired companies creating state-of-the-art products and systems that get to market quickly and efficiently.

We “start with the end in mind.” The wise words of Sun Tzu aptly describe the strategy of the best product development programs, and Blue Sages has the experience you need to make your goal a reality. Whether we use your existing facilities, integrate open source solution or develop something custom, Blue Sages has the experience and skills to build systems that allow you to know for sure, today, tomorrow and beyond.

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