Professionals are measured by the tools they use
According to industry lore, Niklaus Wirth, the inventor of the Pascal programming language said “The number of programs that will be written significantly exceeds the number of programs that have been written.” This tongue in cheek observation points out the value of selecting tools for their efficiency rather than compatibility.

Simply stated, Blue Sages believes “computers should be used to test computers and software should be used to test software.” These two simple principles produce amazing benefits that are revolutionizing software development. In 2001, Blue Sages delivered its first product test system. During the early years of the first decade software development was moving at a fevered pitch. Startup companies used open source tools to help them get their products to market quickly. These tools became the foundation of a very rich and mature set of solutions. Ease of integration and a wealth of readily available experts made these systems ideal platforms to support automated testing.

These platforms became the foundation of the Blue Sages Software Development Toolset. Through multiple generations of innovation a best of breed suite of tools evolved that could support virtually any development project. Because these toolsets were built using open source components, the capability of the toolset naturally increased over time.

The Blue Sages Test Architecture separated the testing system from the system being tested. This approach allows our environment to be used for both hardware based test systems and software based test systems. Furthermore, through a number of industry software and hardware standard interfaces the cost of integration was also reduced.

Today, whether validating a detailed functional design or verifying manufacturing correctness, Blue Sages Systems scale to the problem and produce results that connect your product to your bottom-line. We think Mr. Wirth would be pleased.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, WindowsXP Embedded Standard, Vista, Windows Version 7, Linux (all versions)
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, JAVA, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, Python, TCL/TK
  • Databases: SQL Server, MySqL
  • Requirements Management: Commercial tools including IBM Doors and Requisite Pro and open source tools including OSMT
  • Verification and Validation: Commercial tools including Loadrunner and Quick Test Pro and open source tools using PHP, Python, Perl, and TCL/TK
  • Custom Project Tracking Tools: using A variety of tools including PHP, Python, Perl, and TCL/TK

  • Download Brochure: Software Development Tools